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The Importance of Microchipping

Most of us are aware of the importance of micro chipping our beloved pets and here at the clinic we have reunited many owners with their pets using this method.

Animals go missing for many reasons such as fear during thunderstorms, firecrackers, escaping through fencing and as much as we aim to prevent this sadly it still can happen.

Last week one of our nurses was reunited with her handsome cat who went missing nearly 3 years ago after moving house. Mojo decided to walk from Dural back to the Stanhope Gardens / Acacia Gardens area from where we had been living. Someone had kindly taken him in and looked after him until such time as they moved house at which time he was handed in to another vet clinic. His microchip was scanned and we received the most amazing news that Mojo was waiting for us at their clinic. Mojo has since come home, been spoilt rotten and settled in extremely well.

Please keep your details up to date with the NSW Animal Companion Register.

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