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How to keep pets entertained during lockdown

Just like us, our pets can also get bored during the covid lockdown. Providing enrichment for them can reduce stress and destructive behaviours whilst keeping them entertained for hours.

When pets get bored they can start doing a variety of unwanted behaviours eg being destructive with toys, beds, things around the house, barking, marking.

Puzzle toys –You can get puzzles of different difficulties, which provides mental simulation and entertainment for dogs of all sizes. They can also be frozen for an extra challenge.

Teach them something new – a new trick or command can give you and your pet something to do together.

Snuffle mats – can be bought or hand made, encourages dogs to forage and sniff out treats, a great distraction for puppies.

Provide enrichment to cats and pocket pets.

The articles below have some great ideas and tips for keeping your pets happy and healthy.


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